Libre not Gratis! coming soon.

This is an effort to help solve the problem of providing incentive for innovation whilst minimising restriction to technology and it's users. It should be possible for developers to make a living without turning to proprietary work. There should be a viable middle ground; a best of both worlds.

I refuse to buy or become dependent on software that actively takes away my freedoms (just read that EULA!), but I'd happily pay for good quality Free / Open Source Software. (Note that this is poles apart from 'freeware' which is gratis but not Libre.) So I'm working on some models for developers to 'sell' their open source software without putting technological or permanent restrictions on it. The moment costs are recovered, it should be released under the GPL without any further action of the developer. (The last thing we want is people promising their software will be open source, then hanging on to it indefinitely.)

In the mean time, please take a look at:

James r haigh at gmail com if you want to contact me. ;-) To allow me to spend more time on this, please donate. Thanks.

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